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The Original Gallbladder Solution. Others try to imitate us using pirated information and fake author names. Don't be fooled by their deception. If you bought a e-book without authoritative scientific references, you were took. Author Bill Sardi is a well regarded medical writer. Read his credentials here.

Dissolve Gallstones Without Gallbladder Surgery or Painful Gall Bladder Flushing

Dissolve GallStones | Gall Bladder Cleanse | Gall Bladder Flush
Also available in Spanish and Japanese

The "National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse" says your gallbladder is expendable. So millions of Americans have undergone gall bladder surgery that could have been avoided. The Natural Health Librarian report shows you how to avoid needless gallbladder removal without flushing.

Some proponents of natural remedies will even propose painful olive oil gallbladder cleanse / gallbladder flush methods as acceptable alternatives.

“There’s Gotta Be A Better Answer Out There Somewhere.”

Natural ways to dissolve your gallstones at home are found in the archives of The National Library Of Medicine, but go unused by the public simply because of lack of knowledge!!

How To Save Your Gallbladder, Eliminate Discomfort and Pain After Meals, and Dissolve Gall Stones Naturally, Using Simple Inexpensive Approaches Described In The Medical Literature


Before you continue with endless searches for a solution to your problems, you need to know there is no other information like this report available anywhere. This is not another flushing technique that is widely touted elsewhere.

• Don't listen to self-appointed health gurus who offer remedies for your gallbladder problems that are not founded upon the latest science.

• Maybe you have been looking for natural remedies for your gall stones, and you’ve read about the Gallbladder Olive Oil Flush. But there are easier ways to get rid of your gallstones without enduring the pain of a 3-day Olive Oil Flush!

Gallbladder woman
Thank you so much for your book. Since I started taking the supplements your book recommended a week ago, I haven't had more than a couple of twinges! I got brave enough to try some chocolate milk a couple nights ago, and I woke up with some tightness but nowhere near the amount of pain I would have had. In another week, I think I'll be brave enough to try a piece of chocolate. On another note, apparently the pain medication they had me on was causing me to retain water weight, because I lost 5lbs. in 4 days! - Deb C

Here is a partial list of medical journals used to produce this report:

• The Lancet Journal
• The Medical Tribune
• World Journal of Surgery
• Annals of Internal Medicine
• Journal of Clinical Investigation
• American Journal of Public Health
• American Journal of Epidemiology
• European Journal Cancer Prevention
• Expert Opinion on Drug Safety Journal
• American Journal of Digestive Diseases
• International Journal of Surgical Investigation
• Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology
• International Journal Food Sciences and Nutrition

Did You Know?

dissolve gallstonesCan be dissolved naturally, with proven methods documented in the scientific literature.

signs of gallstonesMany millions of Americans are unaware of the problem. You need to know the subtle signs.

gallbladder dietThis is going to require life-long maintenance once gall stones have been detected. Learn natural ways to do this at home.

gall bladder surgeryThere may be times when you really need doctoring. Learn to know when to heed the advice of your doctor.

gallbladder surgeryIf you have had surgery you will likely experience the same symptoms you did before surgery. Learn ways to overcome the discomfort and indigestion after surgery.

Who will you listen to regarding your gallbladder problem?


He says the only thing to do is undergo gallbladder surgery. Modern surgery is less invasive, but still has drawbacks and long-term problems. There are alternatives. But your doctor has never fully explored alternatives published in the journals at the National Library of Medicine.

Modern medicine often offers expensive high-tech answers to health problems when there are simple alternatives. But patients will never find out about them because doctors say these alternatives are “unproven.” Actually, they are just under-utilized.

Oh, doctors have drugs that dissolve gall stones, but they take months to work. Can you endure the pain and discomfort of gall stones any longer? There are more timely ways to dissolve gallstones naturally, and the Natural Health Librarian has uncovered them.


Your alternative health professional may be friendly, provoke less anxiety and prescribe more natural therapies, but frankly is not up-to-date on the latest medical science regarding natural approaches to gall bladder problems.

Now that you’ve decided to explore natural remedies, you maybe overwhelmed with pills and powders that promise to cleanse the gallbladder. But do they really work? Learn how to distinguish the marginal remedies from the proven ones.

Here’s where your Natural Health Librarian steps in.

Gall stone woman
“I listened to the Natural Health Librarian. I was struggling with my gallbladder. I had been trying to lose weight and didn’t realize an after effect could be gall stones! The pain had me doubled over, but I wasn’t going for the surgeon’s knife. The doctor said nothing would work but surgery. I tried what the Health Librarian had reported. It worked. I’m over my gallbladder crisis.”
-Jessica, California

"So how much is it
going to cost"?

You are probably already saying, "You’ve got my attention, so how much is it going to cost to get this important information?”, what would you spend,

gall bladder to avoid expensive surgery?

gall stonesovercome the pain and discomfort?

gallbladder to stop wasting time, money, and energy chasing down other alternatives?

gallstones and have no reoccurring or hidden fees on you credit card to learn the these modern health secrets?


• Annual cost of gallbladder surgery in USA = $5 Billion
• Estimated number of gallbladder operations annually = 500,000
• Average cost per operation = $10,000
• Your discount @ over 99.9% savings = $9,975.05

Your Price to Remove Gallstones $24.95


Dissolving Gallstone drugssSo your doctor prescribed Ursodiol tablets to help dissolve your gall stones. Let’s calculate the cost of this approach.
• Discount price for 100 tablets at 250 mg for $135.83
• A 150lbs adult would require up to 90 pills a month
• Six months of drug therapy would cost up to $800
• Your special discount @ over 98% savings =$775.05!

Your Price to Dissolve GallStones $24.95

gallbladder flush


• Price for internet instruction sheet on gallbladder flushing = $39.95 - $59.99
• Price for purchasing their miscellaneous products = $39.95 - $199.99
• Price for surgery when the temporary relief fades or the duct becomes blocked = see above.
• Total wasted cost = $39.95 - $259.98+
• Your special discount @ 50% to 92% savings =$20 to $238.03!

Your Price for a Real Gallbladder Cleanse $24.95

Is this the gall bladder solution
you have been considering? DON'T

Olive Oil Flush Science exposes the mythical internet gall bladder flush remedies as bogus. This website offers the only legitimate gall bladder solution on the entire internet!

The “huge” gall stones reported being passed in this so-called gall bladder flush are not stones but rather chunks of a soapy material formed in the intestines by mixing the olive oil, lemon juice, and certain Epsom salts. The combinations of the oleic acid (the major component of olive oil) and lemon juice actually produces the stones that this process is touted to expel. Actually, this “flush” is a bad idea. As these stones gould get lodged in the duct causing even more problems. Dissolve your gall stones instead! Read the The Lancet Volume 365, Number 9468 16 April 2005

A Gallbladder Flush is an attempt to expel gallstones from the gallbladder typically through the use of oil. There is not much it. But hucksters will charge you up to $99 for this free information. (we do not endorse these methods)

1. Drink apple juice and eat only vegetables prior to cleanse
2. Empty Bowels.
3. Drink olive-oil and lemon juice hour before bed.
4. Lie down for up to 20 minutes
5. Repeat until ~ 1 cup of oil and juice has been drunk.
6. Then sleep on you right side.
7. In morning drink teaspoon non iodized salt per 2 cups water.
8. Drink lots of water rest of day.
That's it! And unlike your gallstones your $99 is gone.


I was in awful pain last week my gallbladder was talking to me, no screaming to me. I had pain radiating to my back I was scared because we lost our insurance and I sure don't want surgery so long story short I got the nutrients you recommend and I swear I fell better the fist day and have felt better each day thank you so much. -JM April 21, 2005

With our e-book
You Will Learn

1. What’s your best defense or quick remedy for a sudden painful gallstone attack?

2. How you get them in the first place, and how you can avoid them altogether.

3. Be your own detective. Your body is giving you signs.

4. You are a prime candidate for gall stones. Learn the F.F.O.F.F. that medical students are taught about gallstones.

5. Learn why modern medical treatments fail to satisfy.

6. Learn why gallbladder removal is not always your best option.

7. Learn what those surgical consent forms don’t tell you about gall bladder surgery.

8. Learn about the different types of gallstones, and why you are likely to have a different type of stone in your younger years.

9. Learn why weight control influences the formation of gallstones.

10. Learn why oral contraceptives increase your risk for gallstones.

11. Learn why calcium supplements can also increase your risk.

12. Learn about the six foods that reduce your risk for gallstones.

13. Your gall bladder can become infected. You need to know the signs of infection.

14. Learn why painful Olive Oil gallbladder flushing is not needed.


Heard Enough? Ready To Order Your E-Report?

Your Natural Health Librarian wants you to learn all this and more about gall bladder health. You can order this report today, download it on your own computer and read every word of this authoritative report. Within 2 hours you can be implementing simple and inexpensive remedies to dissolve gallstones naturally. You are only minutes away from the answers you have been seeking. Order the Natural Health Librarian’s latest report on:

Get Your Copy of How To Dissolve Gallstones Naturally Here!

Care to wait?

Maybe you just want to listen to a doctor’s advice and live with your gall stones till they need a doctor’s attention? That’s what hundreds of thousands of Americans already do – hope they will go away on their own. While you are waiting, why not learn how to dissolve your gallstones naturally? It’s not costly, and the ingredients you need to do this are all natural and safe for even babies and pregnant moms to take.

42 million Americans have gall stones and millions more cases go undetected. The only alternatives they hear about are surgery or the infamous olive-oil gallbladder flush. But there are other, better, simple alternatives. The Natural Health Librarian wants to share them with you.

A study has shown that mean time between gallstone diagnosis and surgery was about 10 months. More than 90% of the sufferers knew they would eventually have to undergo surgery. But, even if you have had gall bladder surgery, and you will, you still need this report, because often the gall bladder symptoms remain even after surgery!

Gall bladder man
“I was sweating in the pain and discomfort. I said there was no way I was going to have my gall bladder surgically removed. I was toughing it out when I found the Natural Health Librarian by accident. I thought, what could I lose? What the Natural Health Librarian recommended couldn't harm a flea. I gave it a try. Today you wouldn’t know I had a problem with gall stones. Now I don’t know how to tell my doctor about this.” -Big John, Missouri

Natural Remedies, Not!

If you are reading about widely advertised natural gall bladder remedies that contain ingredients such as barberry bark, ginger, cramp bark, catnip, rhubarb, Oregon grape, lobelia, or Yellow Dock, be sure to know that these are traditional remedies have little or no scientific substantiation for their use.

Some natural formulas contain iron and calcium that actually increase the risk for gallstone formation. Why contribute to the problem?

No wonder doctors turn their nose up at natural remedies, they are often far fetched and poorly tested. Granted, herbal formulas are usually safe, but are they effective?

Think you can find this information elsewhere on the internet? Don’t hunt for too long. We invite you to come back and take advantage of this information, found nowhere else but here.


Download the GALLSTONES e-book for $24.95


Also available in Spanish and Japanese.


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