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Red Wine PillIn this startling report, health reporter Bill Sardi uncovers a common yet overlooked blood factor that is more significant than blood cholesterol as a marker of cardiovascular health.

No, it’s not C-Reactive Protein or any of the other markers of inflammation that are widely being promoted as disease markers.

Furthermore, this blood factor is also a major indicator of mortality from cancer.

This report will convincingly demonstrate how the B Factor controls disease and why you should order this blood test the next time you visit your doctor’s office.

So your cholesterol is low, you exercise regularly, and you think you are at low risk for heart disease. Air Force crewmen thought they were not at risk, but when the B Factor was analyzed, 15.3% were at moderate increased risk and 16.6% were judged to be at high risk for heart disease!

To the contrary, some individuals, one in ten North Americans, may be surprised to learn they are in a select group of people who have a high-normal B Factor and are at 600 percent less risk for heart disease than others with a normal or low B Factor.

This report will show you how to control your B Factor using natural, non-toxic remedies

Download the 13 page Bilirubin and Heart Disease
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