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All things are hidden, obscure and debatable if the cause of the phenomena be unknown, but everything is clear if this cause be known.  –Louis Pasteur 1878 AD.

Any careful onlooker of the world health scene can make the following observations:

At the same time that “magic bullet” antibiotics began to fail due to germ resistance, for no explainable reasons, in developed countries ….

But why?

Why are more and more kids using inhalers?

Why the unexplained increase in digestive tract problems such as irritable bowel, Crohn's disease and celiac?

Modern medicine has no explanations for the unprecedented increase in these childhood maladies.

Treatment for these conditions seeks to alleviate symptoms but never addresses their cause.

While this change in childhood health is alarming, modern medicine appears to be fractioned by specialists who may not be able to connect the dots to all these diseases.

Medical specialists define autism as a brain disorder, asthma as a respiratory tract disease and diabetes as destruction of the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.  But are these specialists just reporting on the same fire that is burning in different rooms?

Autistic Baby
Thank you so much for this book! I couldn't understand what was happening with my baby, why me? I thought I was doing something wrong. Now I understand why doctor's would just look at me with blank faces... I am so thankful we have found hope.
- Cathy S.

Are these diseases, whose parallel rise has been charted by various health organizations, connected in some way?

Many years ago it was believed that gastric ulcers were caused by stress and excessive stomach acid.  Many ulcer patients quit their jobs, believing they were too stressful.  Others walked away from strained marriages, mistakenly believing stress caused their recurrent ulcer problem.

Then two tireless medical investigators in Australia search for the cause of gastric ulcers and found it was caused by a germ.  It took over a decade to convince modern medicine of this fact.  Today it is known that a bacterium, Helicobacter pylori, causes gastric ulcers and they are successfully treated with antibiotics.

For a long time, since the discovery of DNA, medical researchers have believed that cancer is caused by gene mutations.  But what causes genes to mutate?

Recently the human papilloma virus has been fingered as the trigger for cervical cancer.  Cancer caused by a germ?

Medical investigators now believe heart disease may be caused by a bacterium, Chlamydia pneumoniae.

Is an undectable bacterium the cause of autoimmune diseases?

The Germ Theory of Disease is now being given more credence.

In The Hidden Epidemic, health writer and disease investigator Bill Sardi reveals a stealth bacterium that may cause the sudden rise in childhood autism, asthma and diabetes, and many other diseases and disorders.

This same bacterium may be the primary cause of schizophrenia, allergy, digestive tract problems, Parkinson’s disease and even cancer.

Even more alarming, it appears more than 95% of the population may be infected by this bacterium, or will experience future or recurrent infection.  Complicating the problem is the fact that this germ cannot easily be detected in the human body, even by the best microbiologists.

Furthermore, this germ is spread by the most innocent of foods, a food you likely have in your refrigerator.

Since antibiotics are now growing weaker, and a totally-drug resistant form of stealth bacterium is now taking hold in the population, humanity will be forced to search for alternatives to antibiotics.  Nature provides such natural alternatives, and they are revealed in The Hidden Epidemic.

Fully referenced and indexed, The Hidden Epidemic will take readers on a medical horror story that ends with the hope of eradication by means other than prescription antibiotics.   

Gallbladder woman
Thank you

It’s likely you, your friends and loved ones are already affected by this Hidden Epidemic.  Before it takes its toll in your household, learn how to conquer The Hidden Epidemic.

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