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Learn How to Chelate Excess Iron Overload from your body using IP6 Rice Brand Extract.

Iron is necessary, but it also must be controlled to maintain health. Adults accumulate 1 excess mg of iron per day of life. Unless iron levels are controlled, this mineral will accelerate aging, encourage the growth of unfriendly organisms and increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Natural iron chelators can be used to keep iron in check --- like green tea and IP6 rice bran extract. Read all about it in this well referenced book (701 scientific citations, indexed).

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When Will The Iron Time Bomb Explode in Your Body?

It’s just a matter of time before stored iron in your body creates an explosion of free radicals that rust away living tissues.

Anemic wives slowly kill their husbands choosing foods that are rich in a single mineral. Growing children are at risk for attention deficit disorder because of a shortage of the same mineral. By middle age, males will store twice as much of this mineral and experience twice the diabetes, cancer and heart disease as females. Iron, the mineral of both health and disease, must be controlled throughout life to maintain health and achieve longevity.

Iron Man

A 70-year old male with a softball-size lung tumor. Chemotherapy reduced size of the tumor by about 75%. Began taking natural iron chelator and lung tumor completely disappeared, as confirmed by bronchoscopy and x-ray. – PJ

Few Americans realize that iron is the major growth factor for tumor cells, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Virtually every health practice, ranging from exercise, vegetarian diets, taking an aspirin tablet, or drinking green tea, controls iron, says Sardi. Iron slowly accumulates in the body, more so in full-grown males and postmenopausal or post-hysterectomy females, resulting in a condition called fatty liver that affects 35% of Americans. How can Americans cleanse their liver of excess iron, safely and economically? The Iron Time Bomb reveals a natural molecule extracted from whole grains can cleanse the body of excess iron and reduce the risk for disease.


IP6 Chelation

Here is the natural molecule that is nature’s master mineral chelator. It can safely and effectively cleanse the liver, gall bladder and kidneys. Learn about it in The Iron Time Bomb

Your liver stores iron. After many years, first in middle-aged males, and then in post-menopausal females, iron accumulates till it causes liver disease and fatty liver.

liver chelation
Normal healthy liver
iron chelation
Rusty liver (iron overloaded)
fatty liver
Fatty liver (35% of Americans)

Is this your liver?

liver iron


“I have had three recurrent bladder tumors and surgery to remove them over a two-year period of time. I began chelating iron as suggested in your book and haven’t had a recurrence of the tumors in the past 38 months.” – GC

Dark black iron deposits in liver tissue

Which of these foods increase or decrease iron absorption?

  • Milk
  • Beer
  • Blueberries
  • Tea
  • Grape seed extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Bran cereal
  • Chocolate

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Does the removal of iron or chelation of iron cure cancer?

Tumor cells require iron for growth. Hear what cancer patients have said after use a whole grain extract to remove iron from their body.

All age-related brain disorders involve the release of iron.

brain iron
IP6 iron
Normal Healthy Brain
Demented Patient with Iron Deposits

Chelate Iron From The Body Before This Happens

Why is this the only type of iron pill you should have in your home?

rice brand extractIron is necessary for life. Over 35% of fertile menstruating females are anemic and have symptoms of fatigue, pale skin, leg cramps in bed and cold hands and feet. Some people benefit from iron supplements. Learn why one type of iron supplement is the only safe supplement to have in your home?

iron diet

Learn more by reading The Iron Time Bomb


Learn about it in The Iron Time Bomb

The paperback edition has sold out. It is currently only available as an ebook.

Download the 158 page IRON OVERLOAD e-book.

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