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Hyaluronic AcidVirtually every home medicine cabinet in America has a bottle of pain-relieving pills that could kill even when properly used. Millions of Americans live with chronic pain and rely upon over-the-counter pain relievers to alleviate discomfort mostly caused by joint, nerve or headache pain. Some people see no difference between pain pills and M&Ms. To the shock of most Americans, they have been relying on unsafe pain remedies and paying a steep price from the side effects associated with these drugs. There isn’t a safe over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever available.

Though widely used, natural non-prescription pain relievers are not as well documented in the medical literature simply because public health authorities do not allocate sufficient funds for investigation. While not absolutely safe or effective (nothing, even water, is absolutely safe at any dose), they exhibit a far greater margin of safety and often superior effectiveness over pain relieving drugs. The public may be unfamiliar with some natural pain relievers and regard them with suspicion, but have no hesitation in taking potentially hazardous ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin that sometimes produce mortal side effects. Now we know that hundreds of thousands of Americans are hospitalized and thousands of needless deaths occur annually even from the proper use of these drugs.

Fearful of letting go, many Americans cling to using pain relievers that can cause bleeding gastric ulcers, heart attacks and serious liver problems.

What about so-called natural pain relievers? One neurology professor prescribed a natural anti-inflammatory for 120 of his patients with chronic pain and nearly 7 in 10 were able to withdraw from use of prescription or non-prescription pain relievers altogether! Why are Americans living with the pain and the risk of serious side effects when so many natural remedies are at hand that are far safer and just as effective as common analgesics? It’s just that most Americans are unfamiliar with natural remedies and have suspicion they could pose problems. Now, with the revelation regular use of OTC pain relievers raises the risks for mortal side effects, it’s time to search for safer alternatives.

asprinDo you take a daily aspirin tablet and experience:
Asthma-like breathing problems?
Anemia and fatigue?
Easy skin bruising?
Stomach pain?

Think Twice About Aspirin

Do you take a daily aspirin tablet to prevent a heart attack? Most people who take daily aspirin pills are not likely to experience a reduced risk for heart attack and may even die from complications caused by this commonly used pill. Even a coated, baby aspirin tablet can be problematic, or worse, ineffective.

Taking plenty of antacids for heartburn?

Millions of American never connect their heartburn to taking aspirin.

What about acetaminophen

More than 70,000 cases of acetaminophen side effects are reported each year, and a few thousand result in the need for liver transplantation.

Rheumatoid patients suffer in agony and often try the wrong remedy

Rheumatoid arthritis patients comprise only 5 percent of arthritis sufferers, but they are the most vocal because they often can’t find effective pain relief. Prescription pain pills often inhibit the immune system and result in undesirable side effects. One of the most common misconceptions is that rheumatoid arthritis patients should take collagen-based supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, or hyaluronic acid. The immune system of rheumatoid arthritis patients attacks these molecules, which results in greater morning stiffness. They are not appropriate for rheumatoid arthritis.


Some say it’s better than morphine


This sugar-like molecule (polysaccharide) may be the most potent pain reliever in nature.

Made naturally in the body, but in declining amounts with advancing age, its production can be stimulated with dietary supplements. (No, it’s not glucosamine)

Vitamin Testimony “I tryed everything, something had to work!... It did! and I am so thankful" -Allan, New Mexico

• A 71-year old Canadian woman with arthritis in her hands reports her hands were “sore and crippled,” and also reports of an arthritic knee. She could no longer crochet. By the 5th week after using the supplement she was using less Tylenol for pain. Today she no longer needs to take Tylenol and has resumed crocheting. (MG)
• A retired male had trouble walking and was scheduled for hip surgery. He was taking several drugs which he has now completely abandoned after taking the supplement. His surgeon informed him he no longer needs surgery. [M)
• A 60-year old male reports a back injury lifting a 500-pound door 5 years prior. Years of treatment brought no relief. Within weeks of using the supplement he reports complete resolution of pain and now plays handball four days a week. (BK)
• A 55-year old female with ruptured discs, sciatic nerve pain and arthritis in her knees, wrists and fingers, taking Celebrex, began noticing improvement in her condition within 8 days of oral supplement use. She has resumed working at a restaurant. Has gone some days without any pain. (BM)
Vitamin Testimony
I am so happy to report to you I am feeling 100% again.  I have been struggling with my pain for 2 long years now.  And as the years progressed, it got worse!  Found your advice... and within an hour I was feeling better!!  -Lorraine, Florida, May 2006
• A 70-year old pharmacist no longer experiences painful knee symptoms after participating in the Hawaii Ironman competition in 2004. He had previous surgery on both knees. (TD)
• A 55-year old male with knee problems was told by medical specialists that he would need a total knee replacement 7 years prior. He took glucosamine, with some relief of pain. But when he took the supplement he was able to play full court basketball with 20-year olds and has resumed jogging. (JR)
• After taking the supplement for a month, a middle-aged woman who has endured six years of heel pain (plantar fasciitis), was able to walk without hobbling in pain. (BT)
• A male living in New York reports his 25-year bout with back pain from a ruptured disc was completed resolved and he is pain free after taking oral HA. (DG)
• An office worker who had to wear a neck brace for her arthritic neck condition reports complete resolution of her problems in less than three weeks. (JJ)
• A 46-year old female reports her joints no longer creak or pop after using the supplement. (TB)
• A retiree in Arizona with osteoarthritis and scoliosis reports “astonishing” results and complete freedom from lower back pain. (MG)
• An active senior golfer in Delaware experienced tendonitis. Doctors told him he needed surgery. After two months he reports complete resolution of his symptoms. (EP)
• A 32-year old piano mover, who reported major problems with his knees and feared surgery, reports his knee pain is “completely gone.”
• An Oregon woman in her 50s reports a severe case of premature osteoporosis, skeletal problems, and the need for a back brace to stand up straight. Her pain was so severe she required morphine. Three days after taking the supplement she noticed she didn’t need the back brace and within days was tapering off her morphine. (PJ)

Find out for yourself the power of natural pain relievers!

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