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Survival Vitamin Guide

The Survival Nutrition Guide has been written to help you and your family escape from onerous governmental restrictions and misinformation regarding dietary supplements and to avoid the high costs of acquiring supplemental nutrients needed for health and well being.

What is presented here is a whole new framework for health promotion that emphasizes the use dietary supplements and natural antibiotics.  It does not rely upon prescription medicines, antibiotic drugs, Recommended Dietary Allowances, or other flawed practices.

The human family lives in a precarious yet opportunistic time.  Breaking research reports indicate supplemental folic acid, a B vitamin, is a potent antidepressant and preventive agent against Alzheimer’s disease.  Supplemental vitamin D and vitamin B6 can reduce blood pressure equal to many antihypertensive drugs.  Supplemental vitamin C can prevent and treat arterial disease, aneurysms, diabetes, calcifications and cataracts.  The best diet cannot provide sufficient amounts of these nutrients to prevent or treat diseases.

It is well established that dietary supplements play an irreplaceable role in health promotion throughout life, from the prenatal period to the senior years.  Dietary supplements are able to duplicate the biological action of many prescription drugs with far fewer side effects and less cost and thus are an alternative to problematic prescription drugs. 

The safety record of dietary supplements is unparalleled.  In fact, dietary supplements are safer than food (millions of cases of food poisoning and a few thousand resultant deaths are reported annually).  Despite this, governmental bodies intend to restrict access to dietary supplements in forms and dosages established to be safe and effective. 

Guide include the Travel Survival Guide.


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