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Vitamin C

Lost in the glitter and promise of tomorrow’s medical cures are the lessons learned and taught concerning vitamin C. One of modern medicine’s biggest wrong turns has been its spurning of vitamin C therapy. The public has grimly paid for a disease care system rather than a health promotion system centered on vitamin C and nutritional therapy.

Atherosclerosis is a condition in which fats collect under the inner lining of damaged artery walls, eventually narrowing or blocking arteries and obstructing blood flow. But how does atherosclerosis get started? Researchers think they now know the very first step in artery disease and its surprisingly simple antidote.

It is estimated there are up to 1500 reports of shaken baby syndrome annually in the U.S. The presence of eye and brain hemorrhages are alleged to be telling signs of child abuse from Shaken Baby Syndrome. But National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome also advises parents not to shake their babies till they are past the age of 2 years because “babies are fragile.” Are all babies fragile?

Researchers believe humans once produced their own vitamin C. Most animals still produce vitamin C. Can a genetic plague be corrected to restore the ability of humans to produce vitamin C?

Find out about

Part I Vitamin C: Its promise unrealized because of flawed research and public disinformation

Part II Vitamin C: Forgotten lessons, and overlooked teachers

Part III Vitamin C: The massive effort to malign vitamin C therapy is evidence of conventional medicine’s fear of this nutrient

Part IV In tribute to Emil Ginter DSc, Bratislava, Slovakia. The World’s Leading Vitamin C Researcher

Part V Do vitamin C supplements induce kidney stones?

Part VI Researchers Discover First Step in Artery Disease and a Simple Antidote

Part VII Shaken Baby Syndrome: Child Abuse or Vitamin C Deficiency?

Part VIII Vitamin C: The New Weight Loss Pill

Part IX Can the Ability to Produce Vitamin C Be Restored To Humans?

Part X Why Animals Age: They Produce Less Vitamin C. Same for humans?

Part XI Vitamin C Deficiency Still Prevalent In US Population

Part XII Did 1918 Spanish Flu Deaths Result From Aspirin-Induced Scurvy (Vitamin C Deficiency)?

Part XIII Researchers Achieve Cancer-Killing Effect With Oral-Dose Vitamin C

Part XIV Combination Vitamin C And Anti-Cancer Drug Works Better In Animal Study

Part XV Isn’t Aspirin-Induced Asthma The Result Of A Drug-Induced Vitamin C Deficiency?

Part XVI Beware Aspirin & Tylenol For Childhood Fevers

Part XVII Vitamin C In The Emergency Department: Nose Bleeds

Part XVIII How To Prevent The Fastest Growing Cause Of Legal Blindness (Wet Macular Degeneration) With Vitamin C

Part XIX What The News Media Isn’t Telling You About Vitamin C

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